Kanishka Misra

Kanishka Misra

PhD Student

Purdue University

I am a third year PhD Student at Purdue University, where I work on Natural Language Understanding with Julia Taylor Rayz at the AKRaNLU Lab. I am particularly interested in analysing neural network representations of language from the perspective of human sentence processing.

In 2018, I was fortunate to be funded by the Purdue Research Foundation Fellowship. I currently teach three sections (~75 students) of database fundamentals to sophomore level undergraduates.

My email is [my-first-name] @ purdue [dot] edu.[why is it like that?]


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Lexical Semantics
  • Sentence Processing in Humans


  • Julia Rayz, Purdue (Chair)
  • Allyson Ettinger, UChicago
  • Tatiana Ringenberg, Purdue
  • Ananya Sheth, Purdue


  • PhD Student, Current

    Purdue University

  • BS in Computer Information Technology, 2018

    Purdue University